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First time I consciously felt that there is something more to discover at the age of 18. I was preparing to a concert at my piano  teachers house, when I stumbled on Paul Brunton's book "A search for Secret India".

The was a picture of Ramana Maharishi inside. When I saw it, tears started falling, I couldn't take my eyes off the picture, I started crying. Instead of preparing for a concert, whole day I spent with this book, sitting under the piano.This was the first reminder, without understanding, what is happening.

Another significant moment came with the sickness and facing the fear of death. Being bedridden for several months forced me to watch my mind day after day. I understood that death is a natural, unevitable movement of the universe. I saw also wider perspective, in which everything was contained, to which the death of the body was nothing scary.

Later a series of events lead me straight to India. I arrived at Ramana Maharishi ashram in Tiruvannamalai and discovered satsang there.
The most significant moment was meeting Shiva Shakti, hindu woman - sadhu. Fifteen-minute seeing her brought my mind into samadhi. I remained in this state for a few weeks, despite sickness and being in hospital.

A year after during a satsang with Sri Mooji in Krakow I saw that "I", "me" does not exist outside of a thought. This seemingly trivial event turned "my" life upside down. Outer world and time stopped despite of constantly changing conditions. Life started being spontaneous existence, effortless and free. I was no longer its author. For many months I couldn't find words to describe That, which was happening, I couldnt encompass it with any word, any form or expression. I stayed silent.

Next years I've spent on satsangs with Sri Mooji, also traveling with other teachers, sometimes hepling with translations, other times hosting meetings in my own house.

In the presence of Sri Mooji all illusions collapsed. He will forever be my beloved Teacher and Master who fills my heart with deep gratitude beyond words. I found myself in and as Him. He gave me his blessings and encouragement to share satsang wherever I go.

I live simple and ordinary life. I am a mother of two children, I teach yoga, play music. I am no guru, no teacher and no "saint".
Although I have no aim to change or save the world, sharing with people who are willing to look within, and inquire "Who am I?" is my biggest passion. Because solving this quest... solves everything else...