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You are welcome to join Satsang with Nitya in Vienna.

19.00 - 20:30 Satsang
11:00 - 11.45 Guided Meditation
12.00-13.00 Satsang
13.00-15.00 break
15:00 - 17:00 Satsang
11:00 - 13:00 Satsang and meditation
13:00 - 15:00 break
15:00 - 17.00 Satsang

Friday meeting will be held in polish and translated to english
Sat & Sun will be in english with polish translation if needed.

Rennweg 80, Vienna, Austria

Contact and booking:
+43 68181461682

All Satsangs: 85 euro
Single Satsang: 25 euro
If you can't afford to pay the full price and you want to come very much, write us an email. 

+43 68181461682
(please, let us know if you are coming, confirm your spot on this email address) 

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Dear One,

You are invited to attend this 6-day Satsang retreat in Silence with Nitya together with detox and cleansing of the body guided by Laurent de Bremaeker.

A rare opportunity to be in the presence of a being that can guide and point you to complete FREEDOM.

The retreat will take place in a most magical and peaceful place at Bialy Dom In the Polish mountains.

Surrounded by big forests, beautiful nature, in a quiet little town, away from the hustle and bustle of civilization.

The retreat will be holded in polish and english language.

Nitya will lead the Satsang. Her direct teacher and master is Sri Mooji. Nitya shares her recognition with his blessing.

She leads the seekers to the Source, to complete freedom and self realisation, encouraging them to look beyond the mind, and asking the question, Who am I?

More information can be found on Nitya’s website:

The satsangs for this retreat will be given in Polish and translated into English.

During the retreat we will also have daily yoga sessions, guided meditation, Dancing, and other spontaneous activities that will support satsang for the group.

What is Satsang? Who is Nitya?

Nitya is a non duality teacher. She has been sharing satsangs and retreats for last few years in Poland and abroad. Her teacher, Sri Mooji, gave her his blessing to share satsangs everywhere she goes.

Satsang literally means 'the company of the Truth'. The goal of the meeting is to awaken and return to ones natural state. Satsangs are spontaneous, and aimed at self-discovery.

Nitya welcomes everyone to share and ask questions. She answers from deeper knowing beyond mind judgements and interpretations. Satsang and inquiry 'who am I?' is her biggest passion, because as she says: 'Solving this quest... solves everything else.'

Nitya says with her own words:

"I live a simple and ordinary life. I am a mother of two children, I teach yoga, play music. I am no guru, no teacher and no 'saint'."

'You are THIS that is eternal. Nameless. It is not possible to limit it. It is not possible to name it. It is not possible to describe it, to give it a label. Even a glimpse of contact with it, speaking about it, makes you feel moved. It is like that when consciousness starts seeing itself.' - Nitya

'When you open your eyes, God opens his. When you close your eyes, He closes his. You wouldn't exist without God, God wouldn't exist without you.' - Nitya

Read more about Nitya://

Watch video satsangs with Nitya:

Laurent De Bremaeker is a passionate young chef and health specialist from Belgium. He was trained in some of the best internationally culinary and health institutes in the world, that are specialised in cuisines with ways of cooking and healing that are highly beneficial for the human body. Learning from master chefs in plant based food such as Matthew Kenney in Santa Monica, or following courses at the integrative nutrition school of health in New York, and the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. His passion goes beyond the kitchen only. He organises health and detox retreats in different parts of the world, wrote a book about relation between food and nutrition, and gives lectures about how to best eat and live in the 21 century. He opened recently restaurant Żywa Kuchnia in Warsaw.

Two weeks before the retreat every participant will get preparation programs for the detox. Slowly cutting off stimulants.


24 - 30 November

The retreat will begin on Saturday evening. Please arrive on time, before 18.00 so you can settle in your accommodation.

We will finish on Friday after morning satsang and Lunch..


Biały Dom is a place where peace and beauty of nature, engulfed in polish remarkable and unique four seasons, naturally corresponds with practice, meditation, relaxation and the warmth of being together in a group of close people.

You'll be amazed by the exquisite practice hall with its windows facing Izerskie and Sudety mountains, wooden and hypoalergic equipment of our double and triple rooms with bathroom and wide selection of food types (traditional, vegetarian, vegan).


To reserve place please write:

tel. 00 48796210671

CHARGE 1.500 pln

Limited spaces

To reserve place please send 200 pln deposit for this account:

Millenium bank:

Laurent De Bremaeker

40 1160 2202 0000 0003 4736 1643

In the title write Antoniow November + your Full name

**Deposit will not be refunded two weeks before the retreat.

28-30 September Satsang in Urle Near Warsaw

5-7 October Satsang in Szczecin

19-21 October Satsang in Vienna

26-28 October Satsang in Katowice

9-11 November Satsang in Budapest

14-16 December Satsang in Poznań